If this is my first time waxing how long should my hair be?

We prefer clients to stop shaving , trimming or the use of near up to 3 weeks before a wax appointment . Hair should be fully grown out up an half inch 1/2 for the best results equivalent to a grain of rice.

How should i prepare for my Brazilian wax appointment?

You can take a warm shower / bath 2 hours before. This helps the skin soften. wear loose clothing like yoga pants/leggings. take an ibuprofen at least 30 mins before and a glass of wine or shot of your favorite vodka wont hurt . hydrate with lots of water as well. Be sure to exfoliate with sugar scrub before coming in.

What should i do after my wax appointment?

For consistency make sure you schedule your next one. in order to prevent any possible irritation avoid anything that will cause you to sweat excessively. Wait at least 24-48 hours before you work out , sit in a sauna or go to a beach / pool. make sure to wear loose clothing for the remainder of the day. Follow after care instructions each client's skin varies so ask your specialist.

Can i get a brazlian wax if i am on my menstrual cycle?

Absolutely ! as long as you place in a new tampon right before your a serviced. however you are more sensitive during this time and at least 3 days before your cycle starts. schedule your wax appointment accordingly if you know you are sensitive during this time.

Can i still get a Brazilian wax if i am pregnant?

Definitely ! you can still get waxed when your are pregnant unless your doctor advise you not to.i always suggest to start waxing in your early stage so that you get used to the wax by time you are at your last trimester. After birth, wait at least 8 weeks before you come in for your next appointment ingrown hairs.

Why am I getting ingrown hairs?

Some people are prone to ingrown hairs regardless of how they take care of their skin. In this case a skin regimen is needed. using a professional grade product. exfoliating at least 3 times a week and practicing proper hair removal will treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

Will waxing get rid of my hyperpigmentation?

Waxing will help reverse hyperpigmentation , dark spots and uneven skin tones because it is a form of exflotation , however reversing damaged skin should be treated with proper care.

How often should I get waxed?

The hair growth cycle is every 28 days typically you should wax every 4 weeks however for different skin types your waxer may give you specific instructions according to your hair type and growth . facial waxes and underarm waxes are sometimes preferred every 2 weeks

Waxing Precautions

Waxing cannot be done on any clients that are currently taking any medications affecting hair such as accutane, adapalene differin isotretinoin , tazorac or anything similar you must get off of these medications at least 1 year prior to waxing.